Handels Students for Sustainability is a student association within HHGS at the Gothenburg School of Business, Economics, and Law which generally aims at promoting ecological, economical and social sustainable development. In particular, we want to spread knowledge, create incentives and develop our members’ capabilities in sustainability issues.

We want to work as a complement to education and offering
practical experience through cases, workshops, lectures and

Chairperson – Alicia Rugner

“ I’m in charge of planning the HaSS meetings and make sure that the board members have everything they need to preform their tasks.

Head of Finance – Filip Holmér

“ I’m in charge of the finances, I will make sure we have a budget for all the events and projects we want to carry through.

Head of Marketing

Head of Event – Alice Nordgren

“I’m responsible for planning and hosting events such as lunch lectures, member meetings and other fun sustainable activities. We already have a lot of exciting plans for 2021!

Head of Advocacy – Emmeli Axmalm

Head of EnviroTravel – Evelina Granat

Head of Business Relations