EnviroTravel is by far our biggest project, giving students the opportunity to study sustainability at site on different locations. During June each year a couple of sustainability interested students get the chance to travel and learn more about the environment at the same time.

During the previous five years we have been to Bangladesh to study the textile industry, on the interrail through Europe for sustainable food production and to Iceland focusing on renewable energy resources, for example. Unfortunately EnviroTravel 2020 was cancelled because of the Covid-19 pandemic. It is decided since 2020 that no EnviroTravel project will include transportation with airplane.

The main purpose of EnviroTravel 2021 is to gain knowledge about negative emission technologies (NET) by visiting Göteborg, Simrishamn, Österlen, Stockholm and Sundsvall to learn more about different techniques that remove or sequester greenhouse gases. We first aimed for a eurotrip, but we had to rearrange for a Sweden Tour because of the pandemic.

Read more about EnviroTravel 2021 that took place in June on our instagram hassgbg. Head of EnviroTravel Evelina Granat is now in the process of finding the next theme and crew to start up project EnviroTravel 2022.


HaSS x EnviroTravel Events:


EnviroTravel Crew 2021

Head of EnviroTravel – Max Landehag Eklund

Email: envirotravel@hhgs.se

EnviroTravel Vice-Presidents – Alice Karlsson & Linnéa Aarthun

EnviroTravel Teams of 2021


Arbenita Dautaj & Jacqueline Uruchima


Emma Fahle, Janelle Gutke & Duyen Dinh


Nathalie Larsson, Simon Nordh & Franca Hiemisch